An orchard of blooming apple blossom or dew fresh tomatoes draping down a vine. Recently harvested shiny black brinjals waiting to be picked at your green grocer. Giant like frankfurters hanging from a Sausage tree, weighed down by the oppressive African heat. And glistening plums that turn into sweet tasting shrivelled prunes.

These photographs are an abstract tribute to genesis and exodus.

Genesis of Brinjal
In ‘Genesis of Brinjal’, it was a fraction of a moment when sunlight splashed its colour on a newborn brinjal baby.

A forgotten apple slowly mutates towards its own exodus. Blemishes age this once golden orb into its final exit, only to be born again one fine spring day.

Gone are her pink blossoms and warm red glow. Forsaken by the pickers walking the orchard pathways, she now lays sodden under nature’s breath.
A dying apple waits for the reaper’s final embrace. Slowly she transmutes to her definitive conclusion. But she knows that soon, one fine paradise dawn, she will be born again, perfect, to be the object of everyone’s desire.

Bereft Pomegranate
52 degrees centigrade. I watched her bake in the sun. Abandoned amongst fallen leaves – her ripeness gone, her crown shrivelled.
Once Persephone’s temptation, now parched like an alien from Mars.
Her eyes sagged, her wrinkles curled.
As she waited for father time I watched her last teardrop fall. Then she was gone. Oh, how I loved her once, but I know I will love her again.

Birth of Spring
After the rain, came the sunshine with bright skies of sapphire blue.
Through the rotting bracken the flowers grew. It was time to smile – the scents of spring had finally arrived.