Karoo Taxi

Karoo Taxi

FRASERBURG is situated at an altitude of 1260m on a high Karoo plateau north of the Nuweveld Mountains. Rough population guess would be in the region of 300 whites and 3000 coloureds, maybe more proportionately.

My journey through ‘Shadows over Stones’ took me to the dolerite outcrops a few kilometers outside Fraserburg. This story is a conversation that took place early one Saturday morning in front of the Fraserburg bakery with the owners Pieter and Louise du Toit. Unemployment is high, as is poverty and interbreeding is common.


Two fading neon lights illuminate the inside of the Fraserburg café, just enough to find your way around the bags of potatoes, onions, butternut, loosely piled pumpkins and shelves of sweeties and packets of chips. There is a light smell of unwashed bodies in the stifled air, not helped by a hot summer day. Blending in with the scent of the morning’s heat that drifts through the open doors are the sharp odors of paraffin and dried out floorboards, that date back to when Fraserburg was first proclaimed a municipality in 1862.